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I’m pleased to announce that as of today, the epic tale of CAT DISCO has been re-launched. If you enjoyed reading the story as part of the ‘cats’ half of catsvsbunnies, then please do check it out. You can find the latest comics, as well as all archive material on catdiscocomics.tumblr.com

via CAT DISCO update — Cats vs Bunnies

update from my previous co-authored blog re: my new cat disco comic blog.






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A little fun I had with making a ‘cat disco’ poster for the ongoing series…

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This is really an example of me playing with paint in a more controlled way. It was kind of a personal exercise in character design / setting / colour.. I’ve been drawing a fair amount when I’ve been out and about lately, so it’s nice whem some of that comes out in an image. I’m not sure if it’s worked in the way I wanted it to, but just to exercise my painting muscles, it was probably a good thing.

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Here is my entry for the Human Empire City Poster Contest, – I’d be really grateful if you could vote for your three favourite posters, and include my entry in that vote!

Also, here is Falmouth based illustrator Tom Hubmann’s ‘Innsbruuck’ entry to view and vote for:


And even if you don’t feel like doing a vote, the website has lots of lovely entries to browse through at your leisure… (I promise not to be bitter!)



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