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A strip I did a few weeks ago, inspired by a sketchbook  drawing about the modern gallery experience.


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This was a little comic I made in my A6 sketchbook shortly after Christmas, and wanted to share.

On christmas eve a stranger got into the main building for our flats and started knocking on the door at 3am. At the time, it was TERRIFYING. Of course it was all FINE and no-one got hurt, but it was perfect material for a comic. I hope it’s readable. It was drawn on a train / on my lunch breaks, so the text is a little scrawly.


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Here are the first 6 pages of the 24 hour comic I made at 64 Killigrew street gallery Falmouth. I took part in this with another 3 artists; john Dunbar Kilburn, Peter Morey and Adam Taylor.
We worked across 2 days in 2 x 12 hour sessions. The theme was ‘death and resurrection.’ I’m hoping to make this into a little zine quite soon!







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I’m pleased to say that finally, 2 months after the 24 hour comic event, I have completed it. I kept it pretty much exactly to how I wanted the story to work at the time, and tried to stick to the same kind of pacing as on the day of the event. There is also a cover, which I am not counting as one of the 24 pages.

(Warning: Events in this story may be distressing for some readers. I almost feel like I should apologise for it… But this had to be the ending.)

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One thing I did work on over the last month was an entry for the Observer/ Jonathan Cape / Comica graphic short story prize. I made a vow several months ago that I would come up with something. Overall there were a few things I would have liked to change about it, but I’m happy that I came up with something. I took an idea that I came up with in a workshop during my MA, about two people who go for an online date at a fairground. The idea is that they’re both feeling incredibly uncomfortable in their own skin, emphasised by first date nerves and the wrong venue…and that it leads to strange and near catastrophic results.

Here are the pages anyway…

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As mentioned in my previous entry re: The group collaboration, here is what I made with the text I was given.
Quite a lot of text editing went on, and I had to cut a bit out to make it work over two pages.

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