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I’m pleased to announce that as of today, the epic tale of CAT DISCO has been re-launched. If you enjoyed reading the story as part of the ‘cats’ half of catsvsbunnies, then please do check it out. You can find the latest comics, as well as all archive material on catdiscocomics.tumblr.com

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update from my previous co-authored blog re: my new cat disco comic blog.






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A little fun I had with making a ‘cat disco’ poster for the ongoing series…

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If you haven’t been following http://www.catsvsbunnies.wordpress.com then SHAME ON YOU. Nevertheless, here is a catch up on the first 3 episodes of my Cat disco story, should you want to check it out.

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drnking cat

It’s been a while since I last updated – lots of updates to come soon, I hope. In the meantime, here is a cat (pictured above) that takes you to my latest catsvsbunnies comic, which also includes the full archive to date.





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It’s been a litle while since the last update, so there are a few things to mention. Myself and some peers from MA Illustration, have some of our show work displayed in the Truro Arts Cafe. It will be there until November 5th, so if you’re in Truro, please do check it out.

If you’re not in Truro, I did get a couple of photographs…


I have also joined the Temporary Society of Authorial Illustrators ( a group of graduates and current students of the MA Illustration: Authorial Practice course at UCF). We had our first trip out in public at the Alternative Fresher’s fair at the WI Hall in Falmouth, where we had a stall of merchandise and got the public involved in contributing to a live cat disco drawing:





To keep track with any of our future activities and collaborations, we now have a facebook page to follow: http://www.facebook.com/TemporarySociety

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