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I’ve been trying to incorporate drawing into my every day life some more, mainly as a way of feeling less guilty when I relax. These drawings were all made while watching films, using the pen to very quickly get impressions of characters, gestures, atmosphere and so on. I found that continuing across a double page spread can create quite a nice ‘mood’ of a particular scene in drawings, even if the faces and scenes are unfinished and not technically ‘correct’. I’d recommend trying it! I won’t disclose the three films that I drew from here, but if you click on the pictures, you’ll see from the titles.


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So part of the reason why the blog updating has been a little on the slow side of late is largely because of setting up a new working space… I’m pleased to say I now have somewhere to do this. Here are a few snippets of doodles and the general atmosphere from the desk area.

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It’s been a litle while since the last update, so there are a few things to mention. Myself and some peers from MA Illustration, have some of our show work displayed in the Truro Arts Cafe. It will be there until November 5th, so if you’re in Truro, please do check it out.

If you’re not in Truro, I did get a couple of photographs…


I have also joined the Temporary Society of Authorial Illustrators ( a group of graduates and current students of the MA Illustration: Authorial Practice course at UCF). We had our first trip out in public at the Alternative Fresher’s fair at the WI Hall in Falmouth, where we had a stall of merchandise and got the public involved in contributing to a live cat disco drawing:





To keep track with any of our future activities and collaborations, we now have a facebook page to follow: http://www.facebook.com/TemporarySociety

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Here are some pictures from around Penryn, all taken to support my current project and provide inspiration.

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Here are a couple of hand made cat cards, which I made to take to the Plymouth ‘Illustration Stuff’ fair last week. I think I might make some more in the future as they were really fun to do. I made them with watercolours and went in with some brush pen. Then I cut it out and pasted it onto some watercolour paper to get the card.

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Ode to cats

Here are some double page spreads from a mini comic I made a couple of months ago, titled ‘Ode to Cats.’   The rhyming definitely has an Edward Gorey influence going on. It was inspired by many cats that I have seen do peculiar things. I am hoping to put these on an online shop soon, to sell at a bargain price of 50p each… (+p&p).

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So I had this vague idea about turning these squirrel drawings into a Valentine’s day card design… and here it is. If there is someone you both love and hate (like the grey-red squirrel dynamic), then you know where to get a card from.

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