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It’s been a litle while since the last update, so there are a few things to mention. Myself and some peers from MA Illustration, have some of our show work displayed in the Truro Arts Cafe. It will be there until November 5th, so if you’re in Truro, please do check it out.

If you’re not in Truro, I did get a couple of photographs…


I have also joined the Temporary Society of Authorial Illustrators ( a group of graduates and current students of the MA Illustration: Authorial Practice course at UCF). We had our first trip out in public at the Alternative Fresher’s fair at the WI Hall in Falmouth, where we had a stall of merchandise and got the public involved in contributing to a live cat disco drawing:





To keep track with any of our future activities and collaborations, we now have a facebook page to follow: http://www.facebook.com/TemporarySociety


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As mentioned in my previous entry re: The group collaboration, here is what I made with the text I was given.
Quite a lot of text editing went on, and I had to cut a bit out to make it work over two pages.

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These are some studies I’ve made for another work in progress, which I hope to finish over the weekend.

The intended outcome for the project is a group zine, in which we each have a maximum of a double page spread. To keep us from getting too precious about our work, we set up a working process which meant that no-one had (directly) created the story that they eventually ended up illustrating. It’s quite hard to explain without overcomplicating it, but I’ll give it a go.

stage 1: Each person created a character (written about in text. i.e, a paragraph describing them)

We then put them in a bag, and each person chose a character, which led to…

stage 2: Each person wrote a story about the new character they had chosen. These were again mixed up, and each person randomly chose another’s story and then..

stage 3: With the new story, each person reversed it, making either every word, or every important aspect / event its opposite. This is called ‘antonymic translation’ (inspired by Oulipian exercises)

After stage 3, the ‘reversal’ stories were swapped again.

( By this stage everyone should have an entirely processed and quite probably very abstract piece of writing from which to work.)

Mine involves a lion-man hybrid, walking within an acid rain ridden metropolis, so I’ve just been making a few studies of cityscapes and lions in preparation.

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Drawn for a group MA Illustration project. Can you spot the giraffe here?

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Victorian Christmas, plus cat

Last Christmas, myself and a group of fellow illustratrors created Christmas cards that could be sold individually as well as part of a pack. This design, featuring a Victorian Christmas setting and a greedy cat, was my contribution.

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