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The weekend of 12-13th September, Peter Morey and I attended the Spectrumm festival at Merton Abbey Mills.

We spent the two days gathering stories from people about the local area, and drew them up in to a large-scale drawing collaborative mural (pictured above). As well as this, we also captured elements of the event, We also displayed the stories people gave us, which looked like this:


We got a wonderful range of responses, from the History of Merton Abbey Mills to small personal stories about people’s experience.

I’ve included some of the small moments we captured below:









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Created as part of the As Above So Below event in Falmouth at 64 Killigrew – the theme being Cornish Folklore – I went for the Cornish Owlman and Bodmin Beast, having a night in the pub. Hope to finish it one day soon, but here are the first 9 pages:










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Very much enjoyed attending Bristol Comic and Zine fair  earlier this month, where I purchased some lovely zines and got to enjoy the sights of Bristol.

We represented ourselves as the ‘Falmouthed Illustrators’, with a collaborative zine (see below – cover design by by Ryan Gajda):


Featuring work by Ryan Gajda, Peter Morey, Teresa McLaughlin, Jack Brougham, Alys Jones, Rebecca Freeman and Pete Murgatroyd. Copies are available to purchase for £2.50 each, and will also be available for purchase at the 22 Panels event in Falmouth aswell as Comiket in London – yay!





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Have very much enjoyed participating in recent Tempoary Society activities, at both the ‘Pop Up’ event at Toast, Falmouth and the Christmas Mart at the Acorn, Penzance. Below is one of the images on the Christmas cards I made for the event… Selling for £1 each. To be going up on my Etsy shop very soon, but drop me a line if you’d like one.


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The artist line-up

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14 hours of sleep later, and I want to talk about the brilliant time I had at the Leviathan 24 hour comic event held at Plymouth University. We were lucky enough to be working in the exhibition room, amongst the work of the ‘Making Great Illustration’ exhibition, which served as a mixture of inspiring and daunting! It was amazing to see the diverse range of works created over the hours. You can see all the works created on the website.

The aim was to create 24 pages in 24 hours (well done to everyone that managed this). I got to page 17, but hopefully will be able to finish it. The idea was to use Leviathan / Moby dick as a starting point. My story was about 2 scuba divers who become separated, at which point the lady comes across an enormous but gentle whale.

It was my first experience of this kind, and I have to say I really underestimated how abosrbing the work becomes. You put down your head to work on something, look up and realise that 3 hours had gone by!

Many thanks to Tom Barwick and Joe Lyward for holding the event, and to everyone who put the comics online!

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