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llustration for The Cat Magazine autumn issue – for an article titled ‘The Healing Power of the Cat’ – interesting read and great fun to draw


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A little piece I did earlier in the year – a response to some of the sketchbook drawings I did on the U-bahn in Berlin.

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The other week I spen  few sunshine-filled days at End of The Road Festival in Dorset. I used some of the time to capture some people there and give a bit of a reportage-style sense of atmosphere. I put together a collage of sketchbook drawings of the people I observed:



And here are some of the sketchbook work’s of the stages / people:








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Here is my entry for the Human Empire City Poster Contest, – I’d be really grateful if you could vote for your three favourite posters, and include my entry in that vote!

Also, here is Falmouth based illustrator Tom Hubmann’s ‘Innsbruuck’ entry to view and vote for:


And even if you don’t feel like doing a vote, the website has lots of lovely entries to browse through at your leisure… (I promise not to be bitter!)



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These were made for the second display board for Porthmeor Studios, which explains the processes involved in the pilchard fishing industry in St Ives




Also, to show something of the sketchbook process, here are some examples of research drawings from books on the Cornish fishing industry:

sketchbook fishing 4 sketchbook fishing 3

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As well as the publication for Porthmeor Studios, I was also asked to contribute some portraits of well-known Pothmeor artists to feature on a ‘Connections’ display board, that shows how these artists knew and linked with other famous artists, writers, and figures, in interesting ways.

Here are the 9 illustrations below:

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As I mentioned in the last post, I have been lucky enough to be involved in illustrating a publication about Porthmeor Studios, St Ives. University of Exter graduates, Emma Easy and Paul Tucker have created  ‘Permanence’. The booklet celebrates the history and heritage of the studios and their link between the fishing and art industry in St Ives through a combination of interviews, articles and poetry. It also explores the nature of the rennovation that has taken place to sustain the building over the last few years.

Working with Emma, Paul and graphic designer Dan Bloomfield has been a great way of discovering more about St Ives and Porthmeor and their rich artistic heritage.

(See image below for newly printed publications)

For more information on the rennovation of Porthmeor studios visit:



Image: Emma Easy

Here are some of the illustrations I contributed for the publication:



fishing material vingette





Finally, a couple of pictures from my trip to St Ives back in November. Hope you like them



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