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This if the first year I both read the book for the folio competition, made illustrations and entered the actual competition – what a shockeer!

This year, as some of you may know already, is the Folio Collection of Ghost stories.

Here are some of the sketchbook images:





And here are the final images I entered:





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One thing I did work on over the last month was an entry for the Observer/ Jonathan Cape / Comica graphic short story prize. I made a vow several months ago that I would come up with something. Overall there were a few things I would have liked to change about it, but I’m happy that I came up with something. I took an idea that I came up with in a workshop during my MA, about two people who go for an online date at a fairground. The idea is that they’re both feeling incredibly uncomfortable in their own skin, emphasised by first date nerves and the wrong venue…and that it leads to strange and near catastrophic results.

Here are the pages anyway…

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This was my entry for the Cheltenham Illustration Awards, which was around the theme of  ‘Tales of Magical Objects’

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This was my entry for the Talenthouse Secret 7″ competition to design artwork for the Cure song: It’s Friday I’m in Love.

Looking back (to only a month ago) there is a lot I would like to change about it – but it was good to have a deadline to create work for, and I enjoyed it.

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