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A strip I did a few weeks ago, inspired by a sketchbook  drawing about the modern gallery experience.


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differing ideas of a holiday, summed up in a diary comic


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I’m pleased to announce that as of today, the epic tale of CAT DISCO has been re-launched. If you enjoyed reading the story as part of the ‘cats’ half of catsvsbunnies, then please do check it out. You can find the latest comics, as well as all archive material on catdiscocomics.tumblr.com

via CAT DISCO update — Cats vs Bunnies

update from my previous co-authored blog re: my new cat disco comic blog.





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[Edit: I originally published this post on my site earlier this year, however since then I submitted it to the Observer / Cape / Comica Graphic short story prize 2015 and was stunned, (the happy kind), to have been shortlisted this year. The exhibition, which is being held at Orbital Comics is on until Sunday 1st November, details and pics here]

If you want to see other comics online, (including the winner and runner up) links to all of these can be found on Myfanwy Tristram’s website):  http://myfanwytristram.com/tag/comic-strips

Anyway, here is the background to the story that I originally posted:

Back in August I moved from Cornwall to (greater) London, which, after being secluded in a comfortable bubble for 3 years, was mildly terrifying. What made this more gut wrenching was the continued media coverage of the London housing crisis, most notably, the notorious king’s cross flat, which became symbolic of the wider issue of lack of affordable London housing.

So while I nervously contemplated the limited property options that would await me in the city, I began wondering what the future would hold, and how far people may go to get a foothold in the rental / buyers market.

The result was i drew a comic several months after, playing on the idea of how far this trend could lead:





(I must note that during this time I also had my belongings in storage, which may have also formed a seed of an idea)

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I’ve been doing some updates to my website over the last few days, as well as adding some new products to my shop – including my Cat Disco zine, postcards and a risograph print. Here’s how things are looking:

website home

To see more see www.rebeccakjonesillustration.com

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