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Happy to say that I now have copies of ‘Night Out’ as my latest 24 hour comic 🙂


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Today I have been working on my cover for my 24 hour comic – If you read the last post, you may notice the name has been revised to ‘Night Out’.

(I would like to say this is deliberate and NOT a result of completely forgetting the name until the point when I scanned in the page…)


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Here are the first 6 pages of the 24 hour comic I made at 64 Killigrew street gallery Falmouth. I took part in this with another 3 artists; john Dunbar Kilburn, Peter Morey and Adam Taylor.
We worked across 2 days in 2 x 12 hour sessions. The theme was ‘death and resurrection.’ I’m hoping to make this into a little zine quite soon!







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As you can see, the good news is that my 24 hour comic, ‘Whale’ is now printed and available to buy. Full colour A5, selling at £6 each. If you’re interested drop me a message or email. Soon to be added to my etsy shop! (Here are some pictures to tempt you)

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I’m pleased to say that finally, 2 months after the 24 hour comic event, I have completed it. I kept it pretty much exactly to how I wanted the story to work at the time, and tried to stick to the same kind of pacing as on the day of the event. There is also a cover, which I am not counting as one of the 24 pages.

(Warning: Events in this story may be distressing for some readers. I almost feel like I should apologise for it… But this had to be the ending.)

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The artist line-up

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